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There's no shortage of transport news on the web. But while the internet has fuelled an explosion in the number of outlets purporting to cover transport, it has also - with a few notable exceptions - seen the veracity of information diluted as sites come under pressure to cut costs and meet story quotas.

Transport Briefing sets out to prove that not all news is the same. We aim to act as a publication of record for major investment decisions affecting UK roads, railways and airports. We provide a one-stop source of reliable information for those for whom accuracy is paramount.

We do:
  • Treat press releases with caution and ask questions rather than automatically pasting up the company line in order to meet news quotas
  • Use citations to link to previous articles to show where we've got our information from and the evidence for any claims we make
  • Avoid surveys - especially those which just happen to have been carried out by an organisation with a vested interest...
  • Carry exclusive content examining the mechanics of major UK transport schemes - including costs and delivery timescales
  • Provide more detailed reporting on the Crossrail programme than any other independent news outlet

We do not:
  • Pepper our headlines and articles with 'quotes' to cover our backs. If something is true we'll say so. If we're not sure it won't be in the story
  • Lift stories from newspapers or other websites. Articles on Transport Briefing are original with facts verified by us - we'll leave the second or third hand reporting to others
  • Aggregate content, summarise what's in today's papers or use get out clauses like 'as reported by'. The aim is to publish information in which we have 100% confidence
  • Carry ads for loan companies, weight loss tips, bookmakers or other dubious enterprises.