Power 200

The Power 200 is Transport Briefing's unique online guide to the big hitters within government, engineering firms, transport operators, and other significant organisations who determine transport policy and investment in the UK.

Updated regularly, it offers an indispensible guide for all companies doing business with public transport and highways organisations and contractors, helping suppliers tailor business plans to meet the requirements of the people ultimately responsible for spending decisions. For those new to the sector, the Power 200 provides an accessible primer detailing the key figures at the helm of bus, rail and road operations in Britain as well as those leading major infrastructure projects. Seasoned professionals can keep up to date with new appointments and changing roles in this fast-paced area of the economy.

The names on the list are presented in no particular order and have been chosen to reflect our project-centric coverage of the UK transport industry. We have grouped them into six broad categories - government and regulation, delivery agencies, operators, project leaders, engineering and infrastructure, plus other - those people who don't fit neatly into the other categories. Names can be reordered by clicking on the table column headings. Click again to reverse the order.

The Crossrail tab is slightly different. It lists many of the key decision makers involved in the Crossrail project and the names here are not from the Power 200 as such - they are sourced from our sister website crossrailnews.co.uk.

In attempting to draw up a definitive list we have looked for the people who wield the most clout within their current position and whose influence extends across the transport sector. In such a diverse and fast-changing sector picking the right names is not an easy task and inevitably there will be omissions while you may take issue with some of our choices. If you want to nominate someone for the 200 let us know so that we can reflect your opinion in future updates - email power@transportbriefing.co.uk.

People come and people go so naturally all information contained within this table is subject to change. But we want to get it right so if you spot a mistake, an omission or have other pertinent information, we would really like to hear from you - email power@transportbriefing.co.uk. The number of people on the list will fluctuate as appointments change and hence there may be more than 200 names presented in the table at any given time.